What is new with the Rhodes brothers?

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The Rhodes family has been stuck with silly gimmicks in the past. From Dusty Rhodes being turned into a dancing fool in polka-dots to Dustin being placed as a feminine freak in gold makeup, it seems the McMahons love to give the Rhodes family the worst deals possible. In a product driven by more serious and realistic characters, the Rhodes family continues to be placed in roles that are nothing less than laughable at times.

Cody Rhodes has seen highs and lows in his young life as a WWE superstar from a promising upstart who followed Randy Orton shamelessly to a gimmick where he gave men beauty tips. In recent months, Cody had been largely allowed to just be himself. Alongside his brother, Goldust, Cody captured tag team gold and brought honor back to tag team wrestling. The Rhodes brothers seemed bound for more greatness to come.It seemed certain that the brothers would continue to climb the tag team ladder for years to come.

A few weeks ago, Cody debuted a new gimmick. Like his brother, he too was clad in gold and black with makeup. He wore red contact lenses and featured stars on his face and attire. The character was deemed Stardust. I laughed out loud while watching the program. I couldn't stop a bad case of the giggles. It seemed I'd never be able to take Cody Rhodes seriously as a competitor ever again.

This character looks like something straight out of a twelve year old's create-a-wrestler roster on the latest WWE video game. The gimmick seems like its trying to rehash a bit of what made Goldust a star. It took Goldust many years to truly be embraced by the fans. His comedic timing and stellar character performance set his rightful place in the WWE fan's hearts. Cody does not have such timing or acting ability. Cody is the less charismatic of the entire Rhodes family.

I can only hope this was a creative team idea and not something thought up by the Rhodes brothers themselves. Hopefully, the gimmick is only temporary and is going to be used to keep the pair busy until Wrestlemania season. Perhaps the writers will have a better idea of what to do with Cody by that point.

Cody has given it his best shot. In the ring, he's bee working to get the character over and the adult males who typically hijack the shows are very vocal about their love of the oddness that is Stardust. I do not think this character is in for the long haul. I think that Goldust's success cannot be matched by a rehashed character and it would be silly to keep Cody in the gimmick for long.

Perhaps the gimmick will fade into obscurity over time. I do not hope the same fate for young Cody Rhodes. Rhodes, much like his entire family, is extremely talented and deserves better than this gimmick. It is my hope that Cody sheds the new gimmick in time for Wrestlemania season. Until then, I am fine with the campy situations that this gimmick brings.

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