How Many Championships Has John Cena Won in WWE?

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John Cena in WWE has won numerous titles ranging from the WWE Tag Team Championship to the WWE Championship. He has won the WWE Championship a total of eleven times during his wrestling career. Also, he has held the World Heavyweight Championship a total of two times.

John debuted in WWE in the year of 2002 on Smackdown. He currently wrestles on Monday Night Raw. Back to the history of his career and championships. He had some of his greatest rivalries with Randy Orton and Edge for the WWE Championship. For example, At Breaking Point 2009 for the WWE Championship. The match was an “I Quit” match that blew the roof off of the Bell Centre Arena in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Of course John ended up winning the match and forcing Randy Orton to say two embarrassing words “I Quit.”

Another great match that Cena had for the WWE Championship during his career was on the Unforgiven 2006 PPV when he faced Edge in a TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) match. The end of the match occurred when Cena threw Edge from the top of a ladder into four tables that were set up outside of the ring. It is believed that Edge and Christian are the two wrestlers that made the TLC match famous. The very first championship that John Cena won in the WWE was the United States Championship. He beat the Big Show at Wrestlemania 20 to be reigned the new United States Champion.

John Cena has held the prestigious United States Championship for a total of three times. It is highly unlikely that he will win the United States Championship anymore in his career because he is now a main event wrestler. Also, he usually only gets title shots for the WWE Championship and the World heavyweight Championship. John has been a tag team partner for numerous wrestlers ranging from Shawn Michaels to David Otunga.

When John Cena was forced to join The Nexus his tag team partner was David Otunga. During a tag team championship match against Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes John Cena and David Otunga captured the WWE Tag Team Championship. Cena had another reign as Tag Team champion when The Miz and John Cena formed a tag team and beat Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater of The Nexus to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions. If you are confused John Cena turned on The Nexus a couple of weeks after Otunga and him became Tag Team Champions. John Cena has held the World Heavyweight Championship for eleven times in his career.

It is certainly guaranteed that he will become the World Heavyweight Champion some other time in his career. One of the greatest moments in Cena’s career is when he beat Edge and The Big Show at Wrestlemania 25 for the World Heavyweight Championship. At the end of the match Cena picked up Edge and The Big Show on the top of his shoulders and delivered his finishing move. John Cena’s finishing move was the Attitude Adjustment and an submission moved called the STFU. So with all these facts and statistics John Cena in WWE has won a huge amount of titles during his prestigious career. Many people compare John Cena to Ric Flair because he was a sixteen time champion and soon Cena will over pass the amount of titles that Ric Flair held.

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